Disaster Response System:

Simple, Online & Customizable

Charity Tracker

CharityTracker is affordable, cloud-based case management program (database) that will help your community communicate during a  natural disaster. CharityTracker's disaster recovery platform provides a short AND long-term solution for disaster preparedness, disaster response and recovery.

Broadcast area-wide bulletins/alerts, manage client assistance records, make referrals, measure outcomes, generate reports and create assessments.

Collaborate with other nonprofits in your community during disasters by securely sharing data online. Share resources, reduce duplication of services and facilitate collaboration.

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Joey Yarber, Sales/Implementation


You get a ton of value without breaking the budget.

Affordable pricing starting at just $20/month per user

Case Notes & Assistance



Alerts & Bulletins




Measure Outcomes

Upload documents

Referrals & Client IDs





Changes Over Time Reports

"We have been using CharityTracker for over 6 years and it has changed clients' lives. We have a lot of generational poverty in our area. By breaking the cycle and by working with all the agencies in our area, and by knowing where they've been for help and what they need, we can better change their life."

"Local service providers were asking for a real-time communications tool across organizations and industries containing resource information and agency contact information. Using the United Way network, we saw the opportunity to bring everyone together with an inclusive tool that community members could use."

Cathy Easley

Trident Area United Way

Charleston, SC

Randy Allen

United Way of Rutherford & Cannon Counties

Murfreesboro, TN

Easy to use.

People of all ages—and computer experience levels—feel comfortable using CharityTracker.

Simple to Start

No lengthy training sessions. No time-consuming onboarding processes. Just log in and get started.


Nothing to install on your computer. If you have a web browser then CharityTracker will work for you.

CharityTracker Overview

The perfect tool to prepare, respond and recover from a natural disaster

Connect for acceleration of disaster response and communication

Rapidly broadcast network-wide bulletins and alerts

Provide an infrastructure for crisis preparedness and disaster recovery

Identify long-term needs and mobilize resources